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Responsive Website Design

Websites built on Responsive Design is at the foundation of what we do.

Responsive designs inherently adjust to the size and orientation of any device, which ensures that everyone who finds you on the web has the best possible experience based on the device they’re using.

Your website is often the first place your business is discovered by new customers, shouldn’t you make sure that their online experience is great?

Website Design & Marketing

Your website will lay the foundation of how consumers see you and can help or hinder the conversion of these potential customers into loyal clientele.

Recent studies shows that 92% of restaurant goers look online to find a place to dine.  The vast majority of these people are trying to access your information on a mobile device.  The study further shows that over 75% of mobile searchers will not return to sites that are not mobile-friendly.

Also shown was that 81% of shoppers seeking to make a retail purchase first look online for that item to research or purchase it.  When questioned, most shoppers researched availability, options, sizes and prices of items.

E-Commerce Website


E-Commerce sites can be tied to retail operations or run independently, either tied to stock on hand or to an order fulfillment center.  Whether a simple site with keyed inventory or a large complex database driven site; a shopping site allows your customers to easily find what they want and purchase or research it on the spot.

Simple sites for smaller merchants with keyed inventory and availability are inexpensive when compared to sites where inventory is driven by a database.  These inexpensive, simpler sites are an excellent opportunity for ‘local’ merchants to highlight and advertise new inventory, specials, or clearance items.

Website Hosting

Cognitive Business Technologies maintains redundent servers for site hosting and software hosting.  Our space is available at no charge with either a website or software maintenance program.

Use of our hosting services is not required for website building or maintenance , but is offered as a convenience to our clients.  We can perform maintenance services on your servers with the necessary access.


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