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Mobile & Online Ordering

Cognitive Business Technologies is excited to offer MobileNosh mobile and online ordering system.  

Offer your customers the ability to order food through any device connected to the internet.  The system has been optimized for mobile phone ordering through apps but is also accessible through the browser on any mobile device or computer with internet access.

The system has also been designed to allow for mobile vendors such as food trucks or trailers to show their location and accept incoming orders through the system.

The system operates without the need to integrate into your register or POS system.  All incoming ordering are sent to your restaurant or food truck via an auto-print feature, fax, email, or are viewable ‘in-app’ through any mobile device or computer.  Incoming orders are only sent to you business after successful payment of the order.  Restauranteurs may set minimum pick-up times or future pick-up time limits within the system for customers to choose from.

Users of MobileNosh are able to see your location, hours of operation, and menu.  The menu is capable of allowing as much or as little item modification as you need or want.  Orders placed with MobileNosh are more accurate and less costly than any employee could possibly be.

Flexible, Simple and Increases Sales

MobileNosh was built to be easily managed from within your restaurant or from home.  You can adjust your restaurant parameters and menu from any mobile device or computer through the merchant app MobileNosh POS.  All changes are on the fly and immediately seen by users viewing your menu.

This feature allows you to add and remove daily specials on your menu; as well as, pulling a standard item off the menu because it isn’t available for some reason.  MobileNosh also provides complete reports of your sales online & are accessible from anywhere you are.

Since MobileNosh has the capability to work across OS platform lines, you can drive sales by placing  “Order Now”  or  “View Menu”  buttons everywhere you have an online presence…  Website, Facebook page, Twitter account or any other social media.

Less costly and More accurate than…

Priced at only 1.5% of an incoming order, MobileNosh is simply more accurate and less costly than any employee taking an order over the phone.  And it cost you nothing except the orders it gets for you.

It never forgets to write something down, or forgets to charge for something, and it’s always up-selling…  all for a penny and a half per dollar ordered.

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